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 "If you’re on edge about donating scholarship money to a conservatory let me be the one who helps convince you" 

Hi! My name is Imani Duhe' and my story of how I got to MSM began 800 miles south of New York in the town of Atlanta, Georgia. Like most of my friends and classmates I started playing music at a young age. My dad encouraged my brother and me to play music and I remember when I was young he would play songs on his trombone from when he was in the college band.I started by playing flute and then after a few years of that I gravitated towards trumpet, following in the steps of my dad and my brother who both played brass instruments.  

Growing up I was exposed to all forms of music I was a member of my school’s show choir and jazz band. But after my first experience playing classical music I knew that sitting in an orchestra was where I needed to be. There is no feeling like playing in the brass section during a Mahler or Shostakovich symphony. It didn’t take long for me to notice that when I looked around at the professional orchestras around the country that the color of my skin was quite different from what I saw on stage. Thankfully my parents enrolled me in a program that nurtured young musicians of color in classical music.

That program pushed me to work harder to be the best musician I can be and to help change the face of classical music. My love of music and my desire to be a trumpet player in a professional orchestra was thrown a harsh reality when my parents told me that I would have to get a substantial scholarship or put myself in debt to pursue my passion. This dose of the truth meant that a lot was riding on me and for the school to come through with money. 

When I got the call from Professor Jolley, head of the brass department, that I got in and had earned a scholarship large enough that my family could cover the rest I was ecstatic. Since being at MSM I have not only have I grown as a musician, I’ve also grown as a person.

One of my favorite classes is theory taught by Reiko Feuting who on a weekly basis introduces things musically and culturally to me that constantly change my views on how music is structured and the nuances in each line of music. 

If you’re on edge about donating scholarship money to a conservatory let me be the one who helps convince you. Without my scholarship there is no way I would be attending MSM right now. I would have never been afforded this life changing experience that will set me on a path for the best possible future in my craft. 

Thank you for reading this and for your consideration of a gift in support of scholarships.   

Imani Duhe
’20BM, Trumpet